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Blumhouse Productions

University of Wales Press, 2022

"An impressively meticulous collection of essays written by established and emerging scholars, this book deepens our understanding of the role that Blumhouse has played in reshaping the contours of mainstream horror entertainment since the theatrical release of Paranormal Activity in 2009. Encompassing a broad array of approaches, topics, and texts, Blumhouse Productions: The New House of Horror will prove to be essential reading for film, media, and cultural studies scholars alike. A must read!"

Dr William Proctor, Popular Culture, Bournemouth University

Women Directors of Horror

​Rowman & Littlefield, 2022


"Bloody Women offers a timely and critical intervention in horror cinema studies, considering horror cinema made by women, horror cinema watched by women, and female representation in horror cinema. McCollum and Clarke have skillfully framed the discussion and drawn together a diverse range of conributors (theorists, historians, practitioners) and topics. This is a must-read volume for scholars, students, and fans alike.”

Dr Liz Greene, Liverpool Screen School

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Now Available

Resist! Brexit-Trump Era

​Rowman & Littlefield, 2020

"A fantastic, urgent and lively collection that importantly thinks about what it means to resist in the here and now. Monteverde and McCollum are two of the most significant young scholars in Anglo-American cultural and media studies and this carefully curated edited collection reflects brilliantly their intelligence, craft and ethico-political commitment. A truly wonderful book."

Dr Robert Porter, Director of Centre of Media Research, Ulster University

Now Available

Trump-Era Horror

​Routledge, 2019

"With each chapter as theoretically insightful, critically persuasive and horrifyingly absorbing as the previous, Make America Hate Again: Trump-Era Horror and the Politics of Fear is a must-read for scholars and students of American studies, film and media studies, cultural studies, as well as general fans of horror. To be sure, McCollum’s study is an exceptionally brave and important piece of timely scholarship; one that will remain at the forefront of our imaginations as we move into a newly cast segment of the same American horror story."

Dr Harriet Stilley in European Journal of American Culture (40:2)

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Alternative Media:Turkey

​Rowman & Littlefield, 2018

"Written by solid experts on the field of media studies, this book provides a much-needed scholarship that illuminates the counter-hegemonic efforts of resistance against the authoritarian rule of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey. The contributions illustrate the efforts of journalists, activists and engaged citizens in providing alternative and accurate information in one of the most important loci of power. Highly recommended!"

Prof Isabel David, Institute of Political Sciences, University of Lisbon

HBO's Original Voices

​ Routledge (2017)

Interdisciplinary and international in scope, HBO’s Original Voices explores the sociocultural and political role and impact that HBO's current programmes have held and the ways in which it has translated and reinterpreted social discourses into its own televisual language. This book illuminates the emergence of a new era of culturally relevant television that fans, students, and researchers will find lively, accessible and fascinating.

Post-9/11 Heartland Horror

​ Routledge (2016)

"Victoria McCollum peers into the dark forest of America after September 11 with Post 9/11 Heartland Horror. Her brilliant new work examines how horror films, including some of its most transgressive subgenres, deal with memory, ideology, and the often competing claims of nationalism, American exceptionalism and cultural sorrow. Historians and American Studies scholars will find rich material here in exploring how popular culture has tried to explain to itself the War on Terror."

​ Prof Scott Poole, Dept of History, College of Charleston, USA

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