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Visual Sample of Speaking and Writing Content

Research & Teaching

Bloody Women! Women Directors of Horror
Blumhouse: The New House of Horror
Why You Should Be Watching Parks & Recreation During the Pandemic
OK, Boomer!’ The Challenges & Opportunities for the BBC to Engage Millennials & Younger.
I Miss the Old Kanye: Keeping Up with Kanye, Kim & President Trump
#Resist: Protest and Resistance Media in Brexit Britain and Trump-Era USA
Make America Hate Again: Trump-Era Horror and the Politics of Fear
Alternative Media: Sustainability, Activism, and Resistance
HBO’s New and Original Voices: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Power
Review of NFL Football: A History of America's New National Pastime
Obama-Era Horror and Frank Darabont’s The Mist
Post-9/11 Heartland Horror: Rural Horror Films in and Age of Urban Terrorism
Horror's Prophecy Of Obama’s Coming
Why Rural Horror Matters in the Post-9/11 Era
The Horrors of Domesticity In Desperate Housewives: Witches Lament
Rednecks, Racism and Religion: Post-9/11 Allegories in American Rural Horror

Teaching and PhD Supervision

PhD Supervision

​Victoria has supervised the following doctoral projects:

  • Hamideh Javadi Bejandi: Exploring Alternative Female Representation in Iranian Avant-garde Screen Productions

  • Tara Hegarty: Challenging Gendered Mythmaking in Representations of Female Figures in Contemporary Screen

  • Tasha Curry: Blood, Gore and Queer to the Core: Queering the Horror Genre and the Evolution of Representation

  • John Kavanagh: Murdering Men: Recontextualising the Slasher Subgenre’s Metanarrative, Killers, and Victims

  • Amanda Finch: Cross-Gender Performance and Violence in Recent Productions of Shakespeare's Comedies

  • Lorna Allen: Distribution & Marketing of Non-English Language Horror Cinema from the Global South

  • Lin Zhang: Changeable Feminist films in China from 1980 to Present: Nation, Gender and Genre

  • Gerard Gibson: Bodies at Rest and In Motion: Space, Place and Materiality in Cinematic Horror

  • Robbie Gresham: Cross-Cultural Film Adaptations as Acts of Recontextualisation

  • Lauren Johnson: Power and Agency, Music Fans, Taylor Swift and the Digital Era

  • John Deery: Representing Suicide and Issues of Mental Health in Film Practice

  • Clodagh McAllister: Cultural Politics, Misogyny and Influencer Andrew Tate

  • Kevin Gaffney: Resisting Homonormativity in Queer Filmmaking Practice

  • Suphi Keskin: The Evolution of Nuri Bilge Ceylan Cinema

​​Postgraduate Teaching​
Victoria plays a key role in postgraduate programme design, such as MA Film and TV Production, and in Ulster's Researcher Development Programme which consists of workshops, specialist skills sessions, online courses,  initiatives and personal development activities.
Undergraduate Teaching

​Victoria currently teaches across the following undergraduate modules: Advanced Editing Techniques; Art Direction & Production Design; Business of Film & Television; Cinematography Techniques; Dramatic Short Filmmaking; Horror Film: Theory & Practice;​ Representing Violence; and Final Project: Theory & Practice. Former modules include: Aesthetics & Politics; Media, Culture & Identity; Studying the Media; Psychoanalysis & Film; and Media Studies & Production. Victoria is an advisory panellist on the Employability & Professional Development Committee; the Digital Learning Committee; and the Ethics Committee for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

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