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Research & Teaching

Teaching and PhD Supervision

PhD Supervision

​Victoria currently supervises the following doctoral candidates:

1. Gerard Gibson: Crossing the Spectral Threshold: Moving-image Horror in Virtual Reality (Practice as Research)

2. John Deery Representing Suicide and Issues of Mental Health in Film (Practice as Research)

3. Hamideh Javadi Bejandi Feminine Identity in Middle Eastern Video Art (Practice as Research)

4. Kevin Gaffney The New Homonormativity: Queer Filmmaking (Practice as Research)

5. Amanda Finch: Cross-Gender Casting & Violence in Shakespeare's Comedies

6. John Kavanagh: Modern Mythologies, 80s Nostalgia and Horror Revivals

​​Postgraduate Teaching​
Victoria plays a key role in Ulster's Researcher Development Programme which consists of workshops, specialist skills sessions, online courses, PhD researcher initiatives and personal development activities. She curates doctoral screening sessions on the Magee Campus.​

Undergraduate Teaching

​Victoria currently teaches across the following undergraduate modules: Advanced Editing Techniques; Art Direction & Production Design; Business of Film & Television; Cinematography Techniques; Dramatic Short Filmmaking; Horror Film: Theory & Practice;​ Representing Violence; and Final Project: Theory & Practice. Former modules include: Aesthetics & Politics; Media, Culture & Identity; Studying the Media; Psychoanalysis & Film; and Media Studies & Production. Victoria is the Study Abroad Coordinator for Cinematic Arts and an Employability & Professional Development Advisory panellist for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.